Breakdancing with Fingers

Dave Cooper Shares his Process

Dave CooperArtist Dave Cooper shares his process for creating one of his paintings. Also, on some of the images, look out for his little snippets via flickr notes.


Kinetic Singapore

Kinetic SingaporeVery well made 2D flash web site of Kinetic Singapore.

Via DQS Forum


sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is an open source technology, which lets you use any font on your website by using Flash, JavaScript, and CSS. Mark Davidson has written a little history of sIFR, which evolved out of Shaun Inman’s FIR. Get more information from the sIFR documentation and FAQ. Also see it in action in the example pages.

Put simply, sIFR allows website headings, pull-quotes and other elements to be styled in whatever font the designer chooses - be that Foundry Monoline, Gill Sans, Impact, Frutiger or any other font - without the user having it installed on their machine.

Apple Store Glass Staircase

Apple Store Glass StaircaseIfoapplestore takes a detailed look at the glass staircases found in Apple Stores, including information about the patent, design, and architecture.

What’s Wrong with Microsoft

Windows VistaWith the latest delay in the release of Vista, the next version of Windows, and Windows XP already five years old, New York Times article, “Windows is So Slow, but Why?�, takes a look at if Windows is actually stifling innovation at Microsoft.

ALA Illustration Process

kevin cornell
Kevin Cornell in “Dissecting the Process”, shares his process for putting together an A List Apart illustration.


TypetesterA great tool for designers to have in their toolbox, which allows them to compare different screen fonts, and generate the required CSS.

Design Melt Down

Design Melt DownA well organized collection of design elements, trends, and problems in web design. It’s a start, but has potential to grow into a great design resource.
Design Melt Down

Update: Here is another great resource for designers:

1-Click Answers

1-Click Answers With 1-Click Answers from, meanings and facts about words are one Alt-Click away. It works from any application within Windows. Download for windows and give it a whirl. For a preview, check out the flash demo.

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