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Every day seems like a new journey on the web, new roads of information being paved by the millisecond. If you stop for a day, it’s like you have fallen behind a million miles. Information seems like a drug, we just want more and more, making clicking our favorite pastime. Let’s see where my daily browsing has taken me today. First a little self promotion; my newest blog, Ormmakal is slowly taking shape, and it got listed on CSSMania today. On Counterjumper, Blogindex has hit 200 blogs. For the number of blogs out there, blogindex seems like an infant list, but you might still find something you like on there, so check it out. Now, let’s turn right onto what people eat around the world. It’s insane how much people consume in developed countries. If you are one of these people, then step back, reevaluate your consumption level, and cut back; because over consumption impacts climate issues more than anything else you wish you could blame it on. I am disappointed they did not have India on there, LAME! If you love type, then here is a list of logo typefaces found on popular logos. Also check out Typephile flickr group, good inspiration source. Smashing Magazine has put together a mash up of information into the workings of Google PageRank. I have never cared about PageRank, and my sites seem to do well on hits from Google searches. What I am trying to get at is—-if you focus on your site, its content, and your audience; things will work out and seekers of information will find your site. From type to politics; looks like the movers, or Removal Men, have started moving out Blair.

Mr Blair leaves office on 27 June, when Chancellor Gordon Brown, who already lives in the flat at No 10, takes over.
Finally, head over to Trivial Matters and support Akshay and his team Teesra Paiya in the Rickshaw Run, a “3,750 km race across India in the Monsoons over the Himalayasâ€? in an auto rickshaw
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