Dilli, an eye opening documentary from the point of view of the men, women and children who are the invisible hands that build this city of dreams. Only if the people we put in power invested more in the people of Indian than in the image they wish to portray to the developed world.

How to use the signature captured in Preview app on Lion in other apps

To copy the signature stored in Preview app on Lion, and use it in other apps, follow these steps: 1. Open Preview app’s Preferences 2. Select the Signatures Tab 3. Select the Signature to copy, and press Command+C to copy 4. That’s it! Paste the signature in apps like Pages, Photoshop, or anywhere else you want to use it. Only drawback: The signature background is always white. Another option for signatures in different apps is the Autograph app which uses the trackpad to capture the signature.

Auto Upgrading Wordpress in OSX & File Permissions

If you are not able to auto-upgrade a Wordpress installation on your Mac, then here is a quick fix without having to meddle with user/group file permissions.

1. Shutdown your apache server.
2. In your apache httpd.conf file, change the user & group to match your logged in users username and group. The default group is usually staff.
3. Restart apache, and you will be able to auto-upgrade. Simple as that!

File permission related solutions can be found in this Wordpress Support Entry.

How to fix Invalid volume free block count error in Disk Utility

Here is how you can repair the disk, if following error in Disk Utility is seen after running Verify Disk on a SSD.

Error Message
Volume bitmap needs minor repair for under-allocation
Invalid volume free block count

Steps to repair disk
Startup in single-user mode, by first shutting down. Then push the power button and immedietly press and hold Command+S till you see the terminal screen. (Related Apple Support Information)

In the terminal run /sbin/fsck -fy multiple times till a “disk appears to be OK” message is shown.

Then run reboot command to restart OSX. After the Mac has restarted, run verify disk again to verify that the disk has been repaired.

9 Most Entertaining Indian Ads of 2011

FlipKart No Kidding. No Worries Ad

See the rest of the ads at FirstPost

Square’s New Enticing Recruiting Video

Square is on a hiring spree, check out their new recruiting video to get a feel for what it’s like to work for Square.

Web Scraping with Node


Here is a simple example of using Node.js to scrape a website. The script requires Node module jsdom

How to Drive in Delhi

Compare Selected Files in Finder using FileMerge

Here is service you can use to compare selected files in Finder using FileMerge.

Download the Compare service, and copy the Compare.workflow file to your Library/Services folder.

To use the service, select couple of files to compare in Finder, right click to bring up the context menu, and select ‘Compare’ under Services.

Compare Finder Service

If the Compare service is not in the context menu, then enable it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services

Compare Service Setting

Using Node to export MySQL query results to a file as JSON

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